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Henteleff Park Newsletter, Winter 2015

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GREAT NEWS! The Henteleff Park Interpretive Area is Becoming a Reality!

The Henteleff Park Interpretive Area to be constructed at Henteleff Park between the parking lot and St.Mary`s Rd. is becoming a reality.

A Request for a Project Proposal was made to Architectural and Design firms in Manitoba. After considering the many excellent proposals our Jury selected HTFC Planning and Design of Winnipeg as designers and managers of the Project, with Glen Manning as its partner in Charge.

The content area will, through a variety of means interpret and tell the stories of 4 themes:

• The park’s natural roots,
• Metis roots,
• Market garden roots,
• and Henteleff family roots as well as other Jewish farmers in Manitoba.

This wonderful project, which will provide to all a unique look at largely untold and important aspects of our history, is a work in progress. In addition to interpretive elements, the project will provide accessible site infrastructure as well as a visitor amenity such as a shelter.

Wendy Molnar of Cultural Visions Consulting is in charge of interpretive content development .
The draft site development plan has been submitted by HTFC to the City of Winnipeg for its consideration. We hope to commence construction beginning of April 2015 and to have a grand opening the beginning of August 2015. More updates will follow from time to time and posted on our website at

HPF Foundation is a registered charity and all donations to this project are most welcomed and will be recognized. Be part of this extraordinary project!

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From Persecution to Legacy of Tranquility – An Interview with Yude Henteleff

Reverencing the Earth Famland Legacies

By Donald Sutherland – Prairie Messenger, March 12, 2014

The centuries-old relentless persecution of Jews living in Russia and Europe reached a feverish pitch during the Kiev Pogrom in 1905. Facing certain death, the Henteleff family sought safety in Canada in 1907, eventually settling in 1924 on a 40-acre parcel of land in St. Vital, Man., situated along the Red River …

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  • Winnipeg Foundation Spotlight: Henteleff Park

    The Winnipeg Foundation has produced a pamphlet highlighting Henteleff Park. Please click below to download (PDF).



    Planting In The Park

    Adrian Zoldy (left) removes a basswood tree from a pot under the direction of a park employee.

    Adrian Zoldy (left) removes a basswood tree from a pot under the direction of a park employee. (Photo by M. Zoldy)

    Around 75 individuals got down and dirty recently at Henteleff Park during an annual spring tree planting event. Key organizer and local resident Mark Zoldy said approximately 100 trees were planted at the park, located at 1964 St. Mary’s Rd., on June 15. Refreshments were served, courtesy of Gunn’s Bakery, and the project was supported by the Walmart-Evergreen Green Grant Program, Zoldy said.

    The event was sandwiched between an early morning birding hike, led by Nature Manitoba members Gord and Jaye Grieef, when 17 individuals identified 26 species of bird, and the Henteleff Park Foundation’s annual general meeting.

    Courtesy of The Lance



    The History of St. Vital

    Grade 6 students of Niakwa Place School created an excellent video called The History of St. Vital.

    Different students interview Yude Henteleff and his story of growing up in St. Vital. He recalls his one classroom school, growing up on his father’s farm (part of which is now Henteleff Park), the 1956 flood, and changes in St. Vital leading up to today.

    Capital Campaign Launched for Interpretive Centre

    Henteleff Park Foundation has developed a fully articulated and visionary plan to build a comprehensive interpretive centre at the park. This facility will provide an educational context for the priceless local and environmental heritage of this beautiful and historically significant riverside park.

    The planned 1,500-square-foot interpretive centre will replicate the farmhouses that dotted the riverbank a century ago and will feature galleries will explore the four main themes of the park.

    We’re very excited about the future of the park and this new facility. Won’t you join us?